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torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Is it black? Or is it white? Let's find another compromise

I read something today.
"For instance, if someone has an illness or are involuntarily childless or has some other unsolvable problem, do you actually mean that you should just run around and be happy anyway?"

And I thought; yes, you definitely should. 
You should be happy with the good things that you have. It's very unusual that nothing you have in your life is good. often we have lots of good things in out lives, but don't see them. cuz we are preoccupied with focusing on the bad stuff. or we don't acknowledge our ability to create, change and decide.
Really, what is the point of living if you don't run around and feel happy, making the absolute best of it?
It's ok to be sad, angry or feel unhappy at times. but you don't have to make it your normal state of mind. 

I've been through some real hard shit in my life (lots of us have) and I could easily have been sitting here just feeling sorry for myself, killing my spirit and myself. Only I decided to go the other way instead. But I know those who haven't..  and I so hope that they soon realize that they have a choice, before their entire life has passed by like a drawn out torment.

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