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My name is Sandra and I'm a self-employed jewelery designer and artist. I'm also a student, studying towards a degree in Information Architecture specialization Web Content Manager and Designer. Currently living in Stockholm/Sweden.

måndag 30 september 2013


So the Copper Coloré collection was released last tuesday and it got great response. This is a necklace from the collection. Loves is!

I have started planning for my upcoming collection... think I'ts gonna be super beautiful. 
Really looking forward to start working on it!
Looking forward to blogging some more as well, I have been super busy the last weeks. But I think it's starting to cool down a bit now.

lördag 28 september 2013

You're like a movie now

 Illustration - adobe illustrator and some photoshop

The last 2 week have been hectic.
and then I got sick.
Hopefully I will be back to my normal self next week.
Feel a bit like a washed up whale at the moment.

torsdag 19 september 2013

Value what you do

I have had so much to do lately it's been almost insane.
I'm releasing the jewelry collection on next tuesday and it's SO MUCH that needs to be done before that. Today I have worked with the web shop and photographed all the jewelry, tomorrow I plan to select the winning photos and start to edit them.
I also have an on going project at school that takes up allot of time.
Planning a taco-and-corona evening with friends on saturday night, so till then I will have the gas pedal floored!

(unfortunately my boyfriend just got sick. hopefully I can repel the germs by sheer willpower, otherwise I do not know what I will do. worst timing?)

tisdag 17 september 2013

It's a paradise

Now some of my jewelry is available at Blomsterparadiset located at råsundavägen 152, Solna (Stockholm).
Shop owner and florist Anna makes the most beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements so if you live near by you should definitely stop by, even if you don't like my jewelry ;)

söndag 15 september 2013

Love love love, thank u

Omg, this is probably the best day since.. I don't know.. ever?
Sometimes things just solve themselves. oh, how I have struggled with this, how I have lost sleep over this. but nothing I did could make it go away, so I just accepted it. and now it turned out that it would just sort it self out.
I can't believe it!
but apparently it's true, so now I will bake and celebrate. and have an productive creative sunday!

lördag 14 september 2013

When it whirls, when it twirls


Today I installed my jewelry in my friends wonderful flower shop.
It's exciting but also scary, but hopefully there will be a positive response from the customers.
Really tired today, home by myself, waiting for my pasta to get done.

Sometimes I get frustrated with myself. now is one of those times.
I'm frustrated cuz I get upset and angry over stuff. stuff that per se isn't that strange to get upset and angry about. but still, I don't have the energy for this.
for caring so much about all the injustice and all the people acting badly.  
at the end of the line I always feel empty and drained of energy, and it's just not good. not good at all. 
So starting now, I'm really gonna focus on accepting that there is allot of bad shit happening in this world, and me getting angry and upset is not going to make that shit go away. 

torsdag 12 september 2013

It's harsh

I'm getting really tired of all the women who feel that they have the privilege to say mean things about other women's bodies. 
I've been seeing allot of this lately, and hearing, how women express how thin girls are disgusting, ugly and wrong. that a real woman (what the F is a "real woman"?) should have some fat and curves.
(Well, just so you know, I'm thin but I also have curves., It is not an either or situation here)

Is this something that's just happening in here Sweden or is it a world-wide-thing? 

So.. when I was at the gym today, I received the honor of listening to a 15min long conversation between three women. The main topics that were discussed for the day was "Disgusting thin girls - No thank you" and "I can not lose weight - It's my body's fault, it does not know how."  

I wondered if I should be a good samaritan, and inform them of the advantages of actually sweating and working hard, or at least work out, when you're at the gym. instead of standing around having conversations.
And also about the benefits of treating others as you want to be treated (here I assumed that they would not like to be called "disgusting fat girls"). 
I also thought about whether I should jump into the conversation and actually call them "disgusting fat girls" to make a practical demonstration of why there is a problem with acting like a retarded neanderthal.  

But I'm not an asshole so I didn't do that, instead I decided to just leave them to their fate and hope that they one day will be good people who don't feel the need to put others down. People who have done nothing to hurt them or given them any reason to be nasty and resentful.
The only reason is that they look a certain way.
It's just so stupid. 
It's stupid overload.

onsdag 11 september 2013

Nothing says Saturday Night Fever like polka dots

Play-around in Photoshop

I just extended my business to also include literary and artistic creation, in addition to the making of jewelry.
This is so I can sell my art, which I plan to be doing in a few months. I also have a dream of writing and illustrating a children's book. and In a few years writing a book for grownups. 
one step at a time.

Really have to get started with writing my paper now, but all the ideas in my head is taking up to much space. I guess that can be the downside of creativity. sometimes it gets in the way of all the must-do's in life, and you have to bargain with yourself like you were a little child. 
we're all just learning how to live and adapt. 
we're all scared of not succeeding.

tisdag 10 september 2013

Is it by mistake or design?

Yeey, the portfolios is up!

Have done my morning yoga, eaten my breakfast.
Feeling a bit lost today, my head is somewhere else.
one of those days where you could easily just sit and do nothing of value or meaning. better turn on the auto pilot, cuz I got allot of shit to get done!

and expectations that always makes everything wrong right from the start.

lördag 7 september 2013

Innovation recency when renewal revive

Yesterday I hung out with a friend, ate food, shared a couple of corona beers and slept over.
Woke up after what felt like a snap of the fingers and lined up to make flower decorations for a wedding. 
It's really fun! but also completely Nerve-wracking cuz there's virtually no room or time for errors.

Tonight I've been making plans for a future webshop with my art, both originals and art prints.
Thinking of names and feeling merry and prosperous.
I have so much to do to make all the thing that I want to happen, happen. it's insane! haha
Right now I'm going with the one-ting-at-a-time-no-stress routine

torsdag 5 september 2013


If you live in Sweden you should check out the competition I'm having at Indora's facebookpage. I'm giving away two bracelets to two winners. And the winners will be drawn on Sunday!

Today has been nonstop watching video lectures, posting stuff, drinking coffee and working with the jewelry.
Gonna chill out with some food and tea now before my head falls into the computer screen.

onsdag 4 september 2013

It's just a ride, it's just a ride


Yesterday I was super woman, full power stright ahead.
unfortunately it was straight ahead into a wall, down a well, landing on a rock hard place, out of breath.
Yeah, I thought I had come up with a solution to the newly born problem I have, but I actually only did a lot of stuff in total vain. I was really pissed of last night that I had wasted a hole day on nothing.
But I think I'm now kind'a accepting the fact that this may not be fixable and I just have to ride through it till it has passed.
I'm glad I can laugh about it.

So today I thought I would upgrade to superwoman 2.0.
think over and think through before doing. breathe. stay focused and productive, but without the tunnel vision. do your best, and have fun while doing it.
if not, there is no point, and you should abort the mission.

tisdag 3 september 2013

Gloomy and still blue ruin

Photoshop playaround

It's really fun to see that there is people from places like Angola, Libya, China, Serbia and so on, reading this blog. Don't be shy to leave a paw print!

Drinking coffee and thinking of domain names for my portfolio.
can't decide if I should be boring and strict and just use my full name,
or if I should spice it up a bit.
Heavy decisions,heavy decisions

Well, it's time to get productive
math, and then I can get in creative mode
feeling pumped up, like before a boxing game or something. haha

måndag 2 september 2013

Choose your last words

Finally back on track with my morning yoga. it's such an super awesome way to start the day.
Morning yoga and then a big healthy breakfast with fruits, nuts, berries, hummus, avocado, rice cakes and so on.
Then coffee a piece of yesterdays wonderful cake which I made of: oat yoghurt, honey, rapeseed oil, oats, soybean flour, nuts, baking powder and flavored with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and cacao. 
Pure love in my mouth!
And my body is thanking me.

I'm on a mission to unscatter.
have organized things today that needed to be organized.
have taken decision that needed to be taken.
answered some unanswered questions. 
still a few knots left to tie up, but I will stay calm and hope that I can make the storm settles a bit. as long as I don't fall in the water it will all be ok. 

Thank you mind for not spinning of the rails.
and than u universe for creating and introducing me to the few but totally amazing people in my life. 
Today I shall remember to be grateful. 

söndag 1 september 2013

Seen a vision of perfect grace, airbrushed and lifeless

Stayed up late yesterday and worked on my web portfolio.
Gonna continue with that soon. think it will turn out nice.
My love is having the hangover of the century, so I think pizza is coming my way later. omnomnom
My 3 year long education at the university starts tomorrow.
Feels weird in a way. like a new era is beginning.

I'm just gonna swim, just gonna be, just gonna feel, love and
do what I want and not what I'm expected to.
I'm not living for the approval of others, I'm living for me and for trying to make an impact on the world in a positive way.
I'm not gonna waste it.

Coffee and code, coffee and code.
that's my lovely sunday.