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My name is Sandra and I'm a self-employed jewelery designer and artist. I'm also a student, studying towards a degree in Information Architecture specialization Web Content Manager and Designer. Currently living in Stockholm/Sweden.

lördag 31 augusti 2013

I love you honey

Drinking corona light beer, eating popcorn, listening to great music and contemplating the layout for my coming web portfolio.
Wonderful nagchampa incense. 
Hummus the cat cleaning his paws.
Also thinking about future projects. longing for making clothes. 
It is awesome. simple as that.

Adorned and Bejewelled

So far today: 
Got up and made a huge breakfast with fruits, hummus, rice cakes, nuts and coffee.
Photographed the new jewelry, edited the images, updated the webshop.
Meanwhile repeatedly singing on "Britney Spears - Everytime" (really beautiful song)
6 hours later I am here.. geting ready to make another cup of coffee and maybe start working on that bird necklace I have in my head, for the copper coloré collection. The thing that's making me hesitate is that I'm afraid I wont be able to make it as beautiful as the one I picture in my head.. maybe some coffee and food will help me overcome one of humans great emotions, fear of failure.

About the jewelry above:
1: Bracelet with rhodochrosite, aquamarine, aventurine, amazonite och pyrite.
Direct link: Acia Armband

2: Earrings made of copper, with rhodochrosite and green & yellow aventurine.
Direct link: Adell Örhangen

3: Necklace made of copper, with a big green aventurine, pyrite and

faceted glass beads.
Direct link: Acaia halsband

The friday stuffin

I dedicated the day to my jewelry.
Made a necklace, earrings and bracelet that I will put up in the shop tomorrow.
Almost got my guitar tuned,
forgot to cook dinner and just ate allot of rice cakes, nuts and avocado,
have been in a weird up and down kind of mood. oscillates between nervous, stressed, happy, elated, terrified and some what at ease.
But that's kind'a what it is, to be in the midst of contemplating how to solve a big problem that's, seemingly but not really, life threatening.  

I should look up an interesting documentary and go to sleep,
longing for wonderful breakfast time

torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Tumbling rain and cinnamon coffee's


Sometimes I impress myself.
Today I impressed myself by not diving into a dark and damp hole, when bad news came to town.

I have finally started to live by the fact, that the bad news is there whether I'm sitting in a hole and feeling sorry for myself or not. therefor it's totally useless (read: worst possible reaction), to drown myself in angst, sorrow, anger and all of that.
I'm not making this worse than it has to be.
which, unfortunately, is kind'a bad. but also this will pass.

Now I will drink coffee, be with my love and make jewelry.
I have set the release date for my new (copper coloré) collection to ~ 24 September.
I have lots of inspiration, passion and creative flow right now.

I'm making the best that I can of my time, so that I can feel happy and grateful right now,
so that I can look back and be happy about it all. 

tisdag 27 augusti 2013

This is why we are mad

Good morning world

"And this image is the true face of the egg industry.
These cute little baby male chicks are a ‘by-product’ of our scrambled eggs every morning.

They are not destined to hop around with fluffy bunnies outside as our Easter cards would have us believe but are headed for the shredder or are piled up in their thousands and left to suffocate in bins."

måndag 26 augusti 2013

Hundred dollar bills

Wire wrapped copper gemstone rings
 the blue one is azurite and sapphire, the green one is agate

I have managed to warp my daily rhythm. didn't get up until 11:30 today. I guess you can do that if you like it, but I really don't.
It's kinda' like missing the turn over at new years eve. Not the end of the world or anything, but you get just a tiny bit pissed of.

Oh, well!
The beat goes on

Yesterday I made gemstone rings, hopefully I'll feel inspired to make some more later today.
But first I have to study math for a while, go post packages, pick up packages, maybe do some yoga.
I seem to have fallen down the no-workout-hole. haven't  worked out now in 6 days, and before that it was 6 days. but no stress, sometimes it is like that. it will eventually go back to it's normal state.

no stress
no stress
still dreaming of that pastel pink hair and nose ring

söndag 25 augusti 2013

Deer girl, get a hold of yourself

Drawn with markers and edited in photoshop

The time flew by in warp speed today. hopefully I'll live to see another sunrise so I can do some yoga and make jewelry.
The eradication of my procrastination is proven to be difficult, but I'm not hoisting any white flags. this shit is going down down down!

lördag 24 augusti 2013

Exanding the storyline

photoshop spawning

Yesterday was colombian beer, salted sunflower seeds, pool playing and a perceptual cyclone. 

Having the first coffee of the day, hanging with my cats, chatting with a good friend.
I decided to have a stay-in-weekend, listening to sad music that makes me happy, making gemstone rings, drinking tea and coffee and eating lots of nice stuff. there's a ripe mango waiting for me. 
Having the apartment for myself today, it's gonna be good.

The world, the truth.
The mind, the fantasy.
Expanding the storyline. 

torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Summer's in the air, Heaven's in your eyes

I'm writing this in my head and scrolling my tumblr feed at the same time.
I couldn't sleep last night, pretty sure it had something to do with the impact of the moon. 19/9 I'll see if there's a connection.

Realized that, this fall, I have to untie the knots that holds me bound to my procrastinating side. so I'm starting right now. I't scary, but I don't know why.
I still can't see the source of procrastination. But maybe I will, soon. it would really be a great teaching.

I have grown. you can see it now. I don't sweat the small stuff, I don't sweat the big. I see how it's useless. If u aren't happy, whats the point?
I see my ability to influence, create, decide and define. I'm choosing not to be a victim of myself or the world.
I choose, and I choose love, life and serenity.
ride the wave.

Time for another coffee and some action

tisdag 20 augusti 2013

Pink stars are falling

Wanna dye my hair in a pink pastel color. or like an pastel my little pony rainbow.
wanna pierce my right nostril.
wanna get a hat.
wanna tattoo my yin yang fishes.
wanna go to Spain and wonder the nature and beaches with my love. drink sangria, eat lovely food, wind in the hair, laughing, kissing.

What does all of this have in common?
Spirit, courage and money. Money. Time.
Time to let go, and go.

Finished the mica mineral necklace yesterday. it turned out really beautiful, like a real piece of art. I'll show a photo of it later.

I wont procrastinate no more!
now it's math time. then yoga and then maybe I'll play a little guitar and make some gemstone rings.
Have to make more oat milk and herbal+sunflower seeds bread spread as well.

Go go little red

måndag 19 augusti 2013


Glances through the hexagons
traveling vessel in the flesh
we get away
to where the birds sing

We're not chasing paragons
gazing at the spinning sky
we get away
imagining all it could bring
time to let go, and go

Forever new

Sequin dresses and feathers in my hair

12 horas en la playa de Las Palmas

Had a great saturday with great friends
corona's, tequila sunrise's, corn-snacks, excessive talking
all while the sun sailed down and came back up again.
I was also thrown in to making my first ever flower arrangement and delivering and installing it at a wedding.
Totally terrifying and fun at the same time.

Yesterday was cozy-bed-day with my finest man, thai food, chocolate oat ice cream, peanut doodles and The great Gatsby.
Now I want sequin dresses and feathers in my hair.  

Gonna drink up my coffee, wash my face, and then go out and buy me a tuning machine for my guitar.
Tonight will be jewelry making and creative night.
I just want to flow into and merge with my own creative bubble today.

I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years

lördag 17 augusti 2013

I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight

Coffee, freshly showered, Lana in headphones with a side of craze.
Changed the appearance of the Indora webshop yesterday. for being me, it took a fairly minimalistic turn. but I really like it. 
Also got my guitar yesterday, purple hazard!
sadly I found it close to impossible to tune it without a tuner machine thing, so gotta go by one of those as well.

Soon I'm heading out. talks about the future, festivities and meetings with friends will take place.
Wearing my aventurine necklace and my quartz/rose quartz ring. reminding me of the serene and beautiful. of what is, and what is not.

fredag 16 augusti 2013

We'll never leave if we don't get out now

There's allot of stuff in motion right now. thrilling, exciting, nerve-racking stuff.
In my mental notes it says; create web portfolio, refresh webshop design, create etsy shop and finish the new jewelry collection. 
And scribbled at the end of the page is; mastering the guitar, sewing new clothes, doing yoga and painting.

But the most important and exciting thing I haven't been able to grasp enough to make any mental notes or plans about it. but it involves my jewelry being displayed for selling at a good friends boutique. And for the looks of it, it seems like I myself is going to be spending some time there in the weeks, starting very soon.
and I'll leave it at that.

If everything should fall into place in a way that I actually don't even dare to dream about right now, it would be some grand amazing shit. 

I have to do my daily math studys now and then a math exam after that. 
Then I'll turn the page 


torsdag 15 augusti 2013

Will you still love me, when I'm no longer young and beautiful

Bought me a new skirt and two shirts secondhand via facebook.
Gonna buy textile paint and space up the two shirts with some artwork.
Also scouting for a pair of boots. 
Later it's time to rinse out the wardrobe, got so much stuff in there that I never use. better to resell it or make something new of it that I'll actually use.

Now I have about 4 hours of math studys ahead of me. it will be 4 hours of pain and suffering, but it's gotta be done.

My guitar was shipped yesterday, so I'll probably go pick it up today or tomorrow. ihk!

I feel lots of love for life today


onsdag 14 augusti 2013

On that day my song was born

Mica mineral stone and flower made of copper wire
Necklace in the making

It's rain and thunder outside, and I woke up with a light migraine.
Matisyahu, coffee, granola bars and two cuddly cats hiding from the rain.
I'm having a short meet-up in a short while, then I'll go and by me some fruits. hankering for something sweet.
Always when I don't feel so good, I eat, allot. maybe it's some ancient survival thing still hanging around. 
Longing for the guitar. I day like today would be a perfect day to have a guitar for a +1.

Yesterday I started working on a necklace for my coming jewelry collection.
I hope it will turn out as beautiful as I picture it in my mind!
but we'll see. staying low on the anticipation. I never know how my things will turn out, so it's always a surprise when they are finally done.

tisdag 13 augusti 2013

She had a cocktail in her hand, confetti in her hair, and a life tracing paragons

Some more photoshop cat-art

Got a good final grade in history this morning
also got a notice that the guitar should be arriving in the end of this week
getting better and better at the headstanding
doing more yoga
spending my days with the love of my life and soulmate
taking care of body and mind

Things have been starting to look kinda' good overall lately.
I guess it's connected with the gut wrenching soul searching that I dove into a few weeks ago. 
Things are on the move and most important of all, my perspective is changing.
I love when the developing process becomes so substantial that you can almost feel the mechanics of it.

But I'm not gonna start celebrating and trow in the towel or anything like that.
cuz the universe's curved ball is soon coming my way again. 
This is surely not the end, how could it be?
I've learned to know, care for and to live side by side with life's mountains and valleys.
I know the pattern now and I wont be taken by surprice when that ball hits my face.
Just bring it on!

The trick to survival is to not let the ball smack you down face first into the pavement. stay cool, stay grounded, stay open.

Move on! go faster!

Singing Lana Del Ray and drinking coffee. the creativity is bursting my seams
I feel an urge to create songs and music, that's a first for me.
Maybe I should invest in some singing lessons this fall and buy me a microphone. haha

Shortly it'll be the Grand Finale in my history course. A over the phone course evaluation with my teacher and then I'll get my grade.
Take me to the finish line

Then i'll hit the gym, 
study some math,
and let some of that creativity out.  
Taking hold of the reins,
giddyup life!

måndag 12 augusti 2013

Purple madness

I just bought me an acoustic guitar! and it's all purple and beautiful!
I'm as happy as a child on christmas eve.
If I realize that I have no talent when it comes to guitar playing, I will at least have something pretty to look at. 
Can't wait until I get to hold it in my arms!

Today I have worked on my deer-painting
made a new bottle of oat milk 
took a long shower with my home made body peeling thing (honey, lemon juice and coffee-grounds) 

It has now reached the time for rice cakes with hummus, tea and for cozying it down in horizontal mode with my most wonderful man. 

Skipping heart beats

Aaahh, what a great weekend I had! 
to bad it cant be weekend everyday.
Today is math-day, like everyday for the coming month. need I say more
I will be so happy when this course is over. And hopefully I have passed it as well.

Did my morning yoga, had my breakfast.
Now it's coffee, bloggs, tumblr and music.
Thinking of setting up a shop at etsy and also creating a web-portfolio with my art and jewelry.
Also have my mind set on buying myself an acoustic guitar. my hole heart, body and mind lights up when I think about playing, so that one has got to be checked of real soon!

Trying to balance the want-to:s with the must-do:s
Making the must-do:s into want-to:s
Changing tings up

söndag 11 augusti 2013

Time to pony this shit up

Veggie sushi is digesting in my stomach.
Drinking tea, cozying with the cats and contemplating the future while listening to the thunder outside. 

I believe that there's 4 stages of learning life lessons. 
Stage one is when you are realizing something new.
Stage two is when you start to understand that new realization.
Stage three is when you know, when it goes from being a thought in your head to being something fundamental within yourself. 
Stage four is when you start living by it, when no other way is possible.

I am starting to know that there is no meaning to do things, if I'm not doing them for myself, if they doesn't create a warm fuzzy feeling inside, if they aren't contributing to my happiness-account.
There is also no meaning to hold myself back, restrain myself or to judge myself.

I wonder why you do that. why you hold yourself back, why you judge yourself, why you procrastinate. It does never ever create positive revenue, all it creates is anguish and a reduction of everything that is you and that is positive. what's the reason?

Another hungry mouth to feed, In the ghetto

Yesterday was barbecue day!
as our original plan of going camping fell threw due to not so good weather, we took to plan B instead.
Yesterday I learned that I can drink corona beer cuz it's free from gluten and wheat.
hah, aren't I happy!
For me this is equivalent with the discovery of the earth not being the center of the universe. 
I have really missed being able to drink beer.  
Predicts lots of coronas in the near future.
Yesterday was a really good day.

There was allot of food hitting the stomach yesterday.  
Veggie sausages, some kind of veggie burgers and lots of grilled vegetables. the result was a deep, deep food-coma.
When I woke up this morning I was still feeling full.
Was out and collected some stones earlier this morning.  
Drinkin' coffee
Playing around in photoshop
lovely sunday 

fredag 9 augusti 2013

Spacedeer in catland

Creative of today
I'm kinda' in love with it
thinking of making it the blogheader 
yeah.. definitely gonna make it into a new header!

We were gonna go camping in the woods this weekend, but the crap weather is making it hard for as.
we started making some plans to take a trip abroad when the fall is here
don't know exactly where yet
but new things will discovered, that's for sure!
So.. because of the shit weather I'm having a really soft, slow and just perfect day of nothing at home. 
Earlier today I took a trip to the city and sold a course book which I don't need anymore.
Bought some crafting and jewelry making supplies for my winnings.
And also fruits, nuts and dark chocolate.
Today is a day without worries and must-does.
The air is flowing and the blood is pumping,
the mind is finding balance and the heart is still.

torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Deviant butterflies

Thinking about getting tumblr
and making me some coffee
Have to study math today, cant say I'm pumped up about it, but its gotta be done!

Finished a necklace yesterday and I't turned out really pretty.
(As usual I find allot of flaws and wrongs, but I'm just not gonna pay that mind buzz any attention this time)
an idea of a bracelet came to me just before I fell asleep.
Think I'm gonna make it into reality.

My mind is kind'a floating today
Listening to Alanis Morissette
Coffee.. yes, coffee

onsdag 7 augusti 2013

Your sky forty stories high

I started my day with a drink of lemon water and a great yoga session. 
I got a notice today saying I passed my math exam, so allot of angst was washed away there.
To celebrate, today will be a study-free day!
I'm drinking coffee and thinking of a new skirt I wanna sew
But I think that today will be a jewelry making day, need to put some hardcore time into my new collection

It's raining,
Lana del ray is playing,
and it's all kind'a nice

tisdag 6 augusti 2013


I got accepted to the love-of-my-life-education. 
It will be 3 years and then I'll have a Bachelor of Science with a major in Information Architecture specialization Web Content Manager and Designer.
How god damn awesome wont that be!
This will be the best 3 god damn years of my life
A starving student and artist
I will embrace it
And I don't have to move or anything, cuz it's a so called "distance education". So I'll study from home, on my own terms, just like I do now, just like i like it.
hah.. i'm so god damn happy :D


måndag 5 augusti 2013

Coffee and sadness

I just read about the cruel animal testings that's being done on cats at the university in Lund.
Djurrättsalliansen (the animal rights alliance) has posted the email adress to the headmaster at the university on their facebook page..
so I'm gonna send him an e-mail later. As soon as I know what to say..

I truly do hate animal testing and animal cruelty most of the things that are in this world.
There's other ways to test much of the stuff that needs testing,
but animals is used anyway cuz it's cheaper.

Why do humans create so much evil, horror and sadness?

I wish I could just take the train down, walk right in and rescue all the cats and put the responsible people in jail.
But things doesn't work that way, unfortunately.
I'm so sad..
maybe I'll create some art out of all thees sad feelings..

lördag 3 augusti 2013

Something about colors

I decided to start writing in english instead. I'm gonna test it out for a while and see how it feels. Usually I feel it's easier to express myself in english. And this way the international visitors can read the text as well.

So.. the weekend has finally come. For me, it's usually not much difference between weekdays and weekends. Since I'm both working and studying from home and often choose to check off must-does during the weekends as well.  
The big difference is that my boyfriend does not have to run off to work,  
instead we get two days where we can have slow mornings, drinking coffee and being in each others company. 
Therefore, the weekend is still the best thing of the week

We are planning to go camping in the woods for a weekend with friends.
This weekend is full of preparations for the examination papers I have on both monday and tuesday .. so it will probably happen next weekend. That's exactly what I need right now, to be out in nature and just be. 

Have vegan sausages over an open fire, drinking with friends. 
It'll be awesomely beautiful.

torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Cats & Love

Today I've had a day of yoga, thoughts, love and cooking related activities.
I should have studied, but it just did not work out that way. So I gave myself a study-free day.

Today for the first time I did my own organic oat milk, amazing! 

No more store-bought milk for me!
I also made my own granola bars for the first time, and also they were amazing!
I get so happy when I find healthier and better alternatives to things.
Photos and recipes will come :)


Now I will be creative, and grateful for the love that's in my life.

Payaso Vixen - Målning

Ny tavla målad med tusch och akrylfärg

It's pretty funny and interesting .. the fact that it usually take me a while to appreciate my own art. 
While I am in the process of creating it, I always think it looks terrible and I doubt that I will be able to make it into something worth laying your eyes on.
When finished, it usually feels better. I almost feel content. When it's been a while and I study what I have created again, it usually feel like I did pretty good after all.

The creative process, not a bed of roses.

Right now I have a painting of a peacock in my head. Perhaps starting with the latter today when training and studies are done!